Torino, Italy 2011 – Juventus Stadium Opening – A pioneering and engaging show that moved 41,000 live spectators and 800 performers, all united to celebrated a historical event: The Juventus Stadium Opening. A poignant inauguration suspended between past and present, nostalgia and optimism, pride and audacity. To celebrate Juventus’s 114 years of history, the chosen theme was the “flight”, a journey through time and space. Artists executed acrobatics and areal performances, while, on the ground, volunteers were accomplishing spectacular choreographies. The stadium illuminated by the audience’s lights, became a cosmic time machine. A vessel that gave the opportunity: to pay tribute to the team’s heroes and icons; to rejoice for the epic victories; and to share the grief of tragic memories. The high emotional charge of this ceremony has engraved it, in supporters’ hearts, and made the new stadium become their new home: “Welcome Home”!

Creative Director
Marco Balich

Executive Producer
Gianmaria Serra

Produced by K-events