Formula 1®, the world’s most prestigious motor racing competition, with the patronage of the City of Milan, has entrusted to Balich Worldwide Shows the Creative and Executive Production of the 2018 Formula 1 Milan Festival that has taken place in the iconic Darsena area of Lombardy’s capital city from August 29th to September 1st.

Balich Worldwide Shows has produced the event together with Punk For Business.

Opening up the exciting world of Formula 1 to the fans and bringing a new generation into the sport, the festival heralds the return of Formula 1 to Milan, home of legendary motor racing brands Alfa Romeo and Pirelli.
The F1 Milan Festival ran at the same time as the Formula 1 Heineken Gran Premio d’Italia 2018, which took place at the historic Autodromo di Monza. It brought the excitement and passion of an F1 Grand Prix event into the very heart of the city, creating an exciting destination experience for fans.

For the first time ever, F1 was also in the heart of Milan, the Italian capital of design and business, and the fourth global city to host an F1 Fan Festival after London in July 2017, then Shanghai in April, and Marseille in June earlier this year. It will be followed by the Miami Fan Festival, due to take place in October 2018.

The numbers of the F1 Milan Festival:
100 thousand total admissions
55 thousand visitors to the car run on August 29
1.6 km of city circuit
official Formula One drivers (2 Ferrari, 2 Sauber Alfa Romeo, 2 Toro Rosso)
Formula1 cars on track in the streets of Milan
official Safety Car
parade of 30 vintage cars thanks to the collaboration with ACI
street of Milano (Viale d’Annunzio) paved for the occasion at the expense of the organization
media partners: Sky Sport, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Virgin Radio

Photo by Luca Parisse / Pietro Rossi

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